Welcome to Jolin Cloud

Empower your domain experts and data scientists.
Let them transform their ideas into products in no time.

Key reasons why you should use Jolin Cloud

Domain experts and data scientists:

  • Quickly create experiments with inbuilt interactivity.
  • Use science-ready programming languages like Julia, R, or Python.
  • With two clicks publish your experiment as a living report: 1) Request update. 2) Accept reviewed changes.

Managers and controllers:

  • Enjoy live reports, always up to date, mobile ready.
  • Get rid of complex productionalization steps, which previously involved multiple teams and several weeks of waiting.
  • Maximize the potential of data, AI, and applied mathematics within your team.

Unbeatable prices

1 month free test period Support inclusive. Thereafter only:
36.15€* per month
(or 0.0578€ per hour)
For 2 vCPU, 4 GB RAM, 30GB ephemeral storage. Any number of users .

* Jolin Cloud is in alpha. In this first stage you need to expect some hiccups. On the other hand, we can offer especially good prices . The prices do not include any taxes that might apply.

How Jolin Cloud does it: Reactive Notebooks.

In a reactive notebook you structure your work in cells. A cell can either contain documentation, interactive widgest or general code which e.g. preprocesses or analyses data. Full flexibility.

If you change some cell, or use the input widgets, reactivity means that everything which depends on it will be automatically updated. Interactivity.

You can use it for quick experimenting, create real-time processes with it, or build self-updating interactive reports.

Like a real notebook: ideal for sharing your ideas.

1 month free test period
Best to try it out yourself.

More benefits

  • United user interface for your data processes, right in your browser or on your mobile phone.
  • Collaborate with others on the same notebook at the same time.
  • Access to modern machine learning and AI tools.
  • Notebooks are built on open-source and community-supported packages. For additional support, reach out to us.

  • Use Julia, Python, or R. Julia being best supported and most energy-efficient.
  • Connect to any data source.
  • State-of-the-art authorization using tokens, so that you can safely access your data and services.
  • Integrated version management.
    • Continuous Integration (CI) thanks to GitHub.
    • Continuous Deployment (CD) built into Jolin Cloud.
  • You want to deploy Jolin Cloud's reactive notebooks in your favourite cloud or custom infrastructure, instead of using cloud.jolin.io? Contact hello@jolin.io.

Our Servers

  • Located in Germany/Finland.
  • GDPR compliant.
  • DDoS protected. First-class protection against large-scale DDoS attacks.
  • Energy from 100% hydropower.
  • Modern energy-efficient ARM64 processors.
  • Cheaper than ordering a naked virtual machine with similar specs (no storage) from popular clouds.
    • 35% cheaper than AWS c6g.large
    • 25% cheaper than Azure D2ls-v5

Look inside

Easily create a new repository from scratch. Equipped with examplary reactive notebooks, you will quickly feel familiar.
Monitor your running environments (prod & dev by default), delete them or add new environments.

In your dev environment the notebooks wait for you to be started manually (begin with welcome-read-this-first).

Please note that the very first time a notebook is started in a freshly created environment, precompilation causes an extra delay until the notebook is ready. This makes everything much faster thereafter.

After you made some changes you can use the Update Production section to request an update.

Your production environment runs your processes, always fetching the most recent updates from git, automatically.

No one can edit the notebooks on prod.

Instead, everyone who has viewer rights on the github repository can interact with your dashboard widgets.

This is the welcome-read-this-first notebook.

As you see immediately, reactive notebooks have rich self-documenting features.

Aside from documentation, you can of course run arbitrary processing steps and create interactive widgets.

Future roadmap

  • Big Data support, right within cloud.jolin.io. Simply scale out your reactive notebook.
  • Autocompletion powered by Artifical Intelligence.
  • Low Code user interface. Let everyone create reactive notebooks.

Big thanks go to

  • Pluto.jl is the key ingredient for Jolin Cloud.
  • is the fundament, combining simplicity with performance and energy efficiency.