Our notebooks – where explorations transform into products.

Add agility to your analysis.

Why Jolin Cloud

Developing data science apps accelerates by at least 7x compared to traditional workflows.

Data scientists and modellers:

  • Quickly create experiments with built-in interactivity.
  • Fully automated DevOps. Your notebook is the product.
  • Use science-ready programming languages like Julia, R, or Python.

Managers and controllers:

  • Enjoy agility and efficiency.
  • Mobile ready dashboards.
  • Maximize the potential of science within your team and product.

The Story


Everyone likes to go seamlessly from idea to production.

  • Data scientists & modellers like to prototype and thrive in creativity.
  • Managers & product owners wish for efficient product-life-cycles.


The reality however is inefficient.

  • Slow: Bringing a data science idea into production can take half a year.
  • Complicated: Multiple teams need to negotiate.

That is not agile...


An agile development platform for computational scientists.

  • Data Scientists love ❤️ notebooks.
  • We added automated DevOps.

Your notebook is the product.

How it works

  • Exploration: Analysts explore new ideas, models, etc. in a scientist-friendly notebook with rich outputs.
  • Dashboard: Replace variables with interactive UI elements, reorder stuff, and ready is your dashboard.

Mobile ready out of the box.

Make a change

Evaluate your efficiency potential today.

Contact hello@jolin.io for free consultation, or signup:

Our notebooks are reactive

Mini video showing two cells of a Pluto notebook and their interaction.

It is like a spreadsheet: If you change one thing, all the rest will update automatically.

Code-first and structured into cells for full flexibility.

Like a real notebook:
ideal for sharing your ideas.

You can use it for quick experimenting, create real-time processes with it, or build self-updating interactive reports.

We also offer consulting

Seamless handover to your future experts

Because we use our own tools.

You don't have data scientists yet or need further people?

Jolin.io can offer you high-quality data science support from Germany.

  • Starting at 1 month projects.
  • We have +10 years experience in data science, +5 years in consulting.

More benefits

  • Jolin.io stands up for conscious resource consumption. We help you monitor and improve performance.
  • Collaborate with others on the same notebook at the same time.
  • Notebooks are built on open-source and community-supported packages. For additional support, reach out to us.

  • Connect to any data source.
  • State-of-the-art authorization using tokens, so that you can safely access your data and services.
  • Integrated version management.
    • Continuous Integration (CI) thanks to GitHub.
    • Continuous Deployment (CD) built into Jolin Cloud.
  • You want to deploy Jolin Cloud's reactive notebooks in your favourite cloud or custom infrastructure, instead of using cloud.jolin.io? Contact hello@jolin.io.

Our Servers

  • Located in Germany.
  • GDPR compliant.
  • DDoS protected. First-class protection against large-scale DDoS attacks.
  • Energy from 100% hydropower.
  • Modern energy-efficient ARM64 processors.

Future roadmap

  • Generate entire notebooks with Artifical Intelligence.
  • Big Data support, right within cloud.jolin.io.
    Simply scale out your reactive notebook.

Big thanks go to

  • Pluto.jl is the key ingredient for Jolin Cloud.
  • is the fundament, combining simplicity with performance and energy efficiency.